Dog Warden

The Henry County Dog Warden is a County Office designed to serve the residents of Henry County. We answer calls for stray dogs, complaints of dogs running at large, and investigate animal kills by dogs and coyotes in a timely manner. Other duties include: To keep a record of all dogs owned harbored or kept in the county; To investigate claims for damages to animals; To make weekly written reports to the county commissioners including the following:

  • Number of dogs seized
  • Number of dogs impounded
  • Number of dogs redeemed
  • Number of dogs destroyed
  • Number and amount of animal claims received

Dog Wardens have the same police powers as Sheriffs in the performance of their duties but do not have to obtain a certificate from the peace officer training council (OAG 88-071)

After making a complaint to us either directly or through the Police Department, Sheriff's Office, or Humane society, you may call our office the following day of the complaints and the dog bites to make sure we are aware of the call and it was taken care of. We are open to people looking for a pet, people looking for a missing pet, and to people who just want to look at the animals. We only accept stray dogs. Call the office during hours of operation to make sure. We offer tips for pet care and have general information for animal owners.

Over 6,000 licenses are sold each year. By purchasing a current dog license and wearing it on your dog enables us to get your dog home safely. State law requires a stray dog, not licensed properly, to be held for 3 days; after that, the dog becomes property of the humane society.

Henry County Dog Shelter

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