Probate / General Divisions

The Courts of Common Pleas in Ohio have four divisions; general, domestic relations, juvenile, and probate. Traditionally, Henry County has had one judge overseeing all four divisions, while most other counties have had two or more judges in their common pleas courts. Starting January 1, 2005, the divisions will be separated into general-probate and domestic relations-juvenile. This will result in two Common Pleas Judges, one for each of the newly defined divisions of the court.

  1. General Division
  2. Probate Division
  • All Felony Criminal cases including grand jury
  • Civil cases including personal injury, contracts, torts, real estate including foreclosures, malpractice, appeals from state and county administrative agencies, and other special statutory remedies and proceedings.

Third District Court

Henry County is in the Third District Court of Appeals for the State of Ohio which is located in Lima.


The Common Pleas Judge is elected for a term of six years.