Civil Process

Henry County Sheriff's Office provides civil paper service for all locations in Henry County, including the City of Napoleon and the Villages of Hamler, Holgate, Deshler, Liberty Center, Malinta, New Bavaria and Ridgeville Corners. 

Filing Requirements

We currently accept civil paperwork through US Mail or by email to Kim Bingham or Ashley Temple. We require a copy for service to the individual(s) and one copy for return to the appropriate office.  

Payment Information

Payment is not required at the time of filing.  We will bill based on service fees listed below.  


$6.00 - Basic service fee for summons, writs, orders, notices, etc.

$10.00 - Service of Subpoenas

$20.00 - Service of Warrants

$1.00 - Mileage fee charged per mile, per trip

* Writ fees vary based on type of Writ.


For any questions, please contact the Sheriff's Office at (419) 592-8010.

  1. Kim Bingham

    Administrative Assistant

  2. Ashley Temple

    Deputy Clerk/CCW