Road Deputies

Henry County has 16 Road Deputies, including 1 Sergeant Detective and 3 School Resource Officers. We also have 1 Deputy that is assigned to the MAN Unit.  


Protects life and property in county jurisdiction, patrolling assigned area to maintain order, enforce laws and provide assistance to citizens as needed; responds to reports of misdemeanors or felonies and performs preliminary observations and investigations; takes offense reports, gather evidence; shall secure scene of crimes and accidents; maintains traffic; takes traffic accident reports on private and public property.

Apprehends suspected law violators, performs arrests, searches, restrains, books and confines arrested persons; transports person(s) in custody, assuming responsibility for discipline and safety.

Serves as officer of the court in serving warrants and other legal documents; provides court testimony as required.

Performs related duties as necessary (takes fingerprints, prepares reports, takes photographs, searches records).

New and other related duties as assigned.


Deputy NameEmail
Arlen Cohrs, Sergeant DetectiveEmail Arlen Cohrs
Scott Sauer, Road DeputyEmail Scott Sauer
Justen Vocke, Sergeant Road Deputy/Crash ReconstructionEmail Justen Vocke
Todd Ranzau, Road Deputy/Project Lifesaver AdministratorEmail Todd Ranzau
Mark Glanz, Road Deputy/K9 AndyEmail Mark Glanz
Nicole Ferguson, Road Deputy/SROEmail Nicole Ferguson
Ryan Axle, Road DeputyEmail Ryan Axle
Alex Birtcher, Road DeputyEmail Alex Birtcher
Ross Saneholtz, Road Deputy/K9 ArmorEmail Ross Saneholtz
Nick Rasey, Road DeputyEmail Nick Rasey
John Cooper, Road Deputy/SROEmail John Cooper
Robert Bartz, Road Deputy/SROEmail Robert Bartz
Ryan Daman, Road DeputyEmail Ryan Daman
Logan Clevidence, Road DeputyEmail Logan Clevidence
Blake Musshel, Road DeputyEmail Blake Musshel
Trent Konrad, Road DeputyEmail Trent Konrad